Tip: Start your own fundraiser for Green Friday

November 25th is Black Friday: the day when extreme discounts and offers are rampant. Obviously, Black Friday creates even more overconsumption and impulse buying. As a result, we are rapidly depleting the earth's resources. At Trees for All, we believe that things should and can be done differently. That is why we came up with Green Friday! We call on all companies and consumers to say no to Black Friday deals and donate trees for the Green Friday Forest instead. Will you join our Green Friday movement too?


Here's how it works:

  • Don't offer Black Friday discounts
  • Set up your own Green Friday fundraiser
  • Use the proceeds to donate trees for the Green Friday Forest


These companies have joined the movement already

But where to start with your fundraiser to raise money so that we can plant trees? Here are some inspiring examples of other organizations that have joined the Green Friday movement. Will you join too?


Start your campaign now!


*Please note: When you start your own Green Friday campaign, it's important to mention this in the title or motivation.


Decathlon's sports challenge

In 2021, Decathlon joined the Green Friday movement. Together, we planted 1,843 trees. That's 29 tennis courts of forest! But you might wonder: how did they manage to achieve that?

During the 2021 Green Friday campaign, Decathlon did not organize any promotions. Instead, the sporting goods retailer called on its employees and customers to participate in a sports challenge of their own choice. Guided by the slogan "How far will you go for a tree?" Decathlon raised a wonderful amount of money that allowed us to plant trees. Of course, as a true star player on the green playing field, Decathlon also provided a good kickoff: a donation of no less than 1,000 trees.



Walking Challenge from Wandelpin

This year, Wandelpin is setting its best foot forward during Green Friday. The walking organization sells items throughout the year of which € 0.50 from the sale of their walking pins goes to Trees for All. For Green Friday, Wandelpin is organizing a special walking challenge throughout the month of November of which €0.50 per participant will be donated to Trees for All as well. So, get ready and put on your best walking shoes!


More information about Green Friday? Go to https://treesforall.nl/en/green-friday-corporate/


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