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I walk 100.000 km for mental health. In the meantime I collect as much litter as I can. I love trees and specifically solo trees.They are powerful and they just are. Trees are important for the eco system and the air in our longs. I want to give something back to nature because it’s not only important to clean our nature but also to keep it in balance with fresh new trees.

My life goals:

-Walking 100 000 km

-Collect 100 000 bags of litter

-Plant 100 000 trees

Thank you from my heart!



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01/06/2023 | 11:45

Een nieuwe start

Vanaf 1 juni 2023 gaat mijn wandeling verder. Eerste project: het hele land van Belgie wandeln! Tot snel!

Trees for All has been devoted to create more forests in the world since 1999. We plant new forest and restore existing forest in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, we make people aware of the importance of trees. Our sustainable forest projects contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions for people and animals. In this way we invest together in a green and healthy earth for everyone! We are a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) with a CBF certificate.