Harold Schuringa

A Billion Trees of Goodness?

( Member of team: Waada the Movement )

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Last year I made an epic journey with my eldest son to Bolivia. We followed the footsteps of my brother who died there...

Partly for that reason, it was a legendary journey: Amsterdam - Frankfurt - São Paulo - Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Sucre - Potosí - Uyuni - Cochabamba. And how beautiful Bolivia is!

But also plane in, plane out and exactly that didn't feel right. That's why I planted 20 trees last year, as a contribution to our planet after this long journey. For me this was as compensation for the CO2 emissions involved. And now I get the chance to host our 'Charity of the month' for Waada the Movement this coming month of February. WoW!

And okay, a billion trees is a lot, but let's try to plant 500. Do you also buy one or more trees and do you also make a positive contribution to our climate by offsetting your own CO2 emissions? A small contribution for our planet, but a big step in the right direction! Thank you very much.

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